Working with KPIs to Usability Tests

1. Conversion

2. Engagement

(An emoji rating within a range of 1 to 5. The first emoji is sad and the last is happy).

3. Usability

Compiling the data

Note that you can find many possibilities. (A table at the top columns are: Conversion, Usability, Engagement, Key Difficulties and How can we improve?
Within Conversion: Completed. Within usability: easy, regular, hard and time. Inside Engagement: Satisfaction. And on the lines are examples of features, such as buying a product, registering a user, saving a bookmark.)

How you can show to Stakeholders

“ The comparisons are excellent to show the product value and the importance of the work that have being doing.”

Creating a presentation

This is just an example of how you can show the test results (An example of presentation. First slide: Conversion + Usability — The main issues. Slide two: Usability — Average time to main feature. Slide 3: Engagement — Some Testimonials and Videos. With graphics in each)

Good for everyone, mainly for the user



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